We invented a shopping cart
that helps sell more wine.

Introducing the World's Most Innovative Shopping Cart

Can a Shopping Cart Increase Your Liquor Store Sales?

We think so! In fact we designed our cart with various Gestalt Principles in mind. The Gastalt principles of grouping are a set of principles in psychology, first proposed by Gestalt psychologists to account for the observation that humans naturally perceive objects as organized patterns and objects, a principle known as Prägnanz, or "good figure." This phenomena is one of the reasons why the video game Tetris was so addictive in the 1980s!

Our customers love The Wine & Cheer Cart and we saw a marked increase in sales at the stores that use it.

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Meet the Shopping Cart that Practically Eliminates Breakage

Virtually Eliminates Breakage

The Wine & Cheer Cart was designed to hold up to 16 bottles of various sizes upright in the cart without rattling or slippage. This helps to reduce cart related breakage by up to 98%!

We used BRAIN SCIENCE to design our cart!

Built with Brain Science in Mind!

Our cart's patented design is the only cart in the world where Shoppers report that they felt compelled to buy more bottles of wine or liquor. That's EXACTLY what we wanted them to feel!

This cart may help INCREASE Liquor Store Sales

Compels People to Buy More Bottles

The secret is in the safety rings. While they do help keep the bottles from clanging together, they serve another purpose. It is in people's compulsive nature to want to "fill" them.

Best shopping cart for liquor stores

Why do you need the Wine & Cheer Cart in your store?

Contact us today to learn how the Wine & Cheer Cart can help sell more bottles and why many are calling it the BIGGEST breakthrough in shopping industry technology since the invention of the shopping cart!

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It don't mean a thing,

if you ain't got them rings!

Behavioral Science

The human brain seeks out order and symmetry. Shoppers reported that they felt compelled to fill the rings with more bottles. 

The Zeigarnik Effect

The Zeigarnik effect is used to influence purchasing behavior by creating intentional focus on the uncompleted task of filling “open rings.”

Convertible Top Basket

Our Safety Rings are hinged and perfectly balanced to move easily out of the way when you need to fill the top basket with a large item.

It's the safety rings that make all the difference!

Virtually No Breakage

Bottles will stand upright and will not rattled around or hit each other. Less breakage in the store means more money in your pockets.

The Power of Patterns

Humans are pattern-recognition machines and many studies suggest that we don’t like incomplete patterns. Our nature is to fill the rings.

Multiple Configurations

Our team can design multiple variations of The Wine & Cheer Cart to meet the specific needs of your business or facility. Call us today to discuss options.

Imagine a cart that compels people to buy more!

Product Specifications

You can download the Wine & Cheer Cart product sheet and 2021 catalogue brochure here. We would also love to speak with you about custom solutions for your exact needs!

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