Press Releases & Case Studies

Learn more about what makes The Wine & Cheer Cart the best shopping cart for wine and liquor stores!

Liquor Store Shopping Cart Featured in NC Observer

In February of 2020, The NC Observer featured The Wine & Cheer Cart in thier article that describes the care free shopping experience created by the cart and how it promotes the Zeigarnik effect to influence purchasing behavior by creating intentional focus on the uncompleted task of filling its “open rings.”

Wine Shopping Cart Featured in Bergen Magazine Article

In March of 2020, Bergen Magazine featured The Wine & Cheer Cart in thier Culinary Section. The article addresses the concern: “How annoying is it when you’re at a liquor store and the glass bottles roll around the cart and nearly shatter?”

The Wine and Cheer Cart: The Next Great Retail Invention

In December of 2019, The Beverage Journal published an article featuring The Wine & Cheer Cart entitled THE WINE AND CHEER CART: The Next Great Retail Invention?  Download the entire article here or visit for more information.

Case Study: Big Red Liquors

Big Red Liquors is Indiana’s largest beer, wine, and spirits retailer and they have been serving Indiana responsibly for over 40 years. In December 2019, they conducted a case study in four of their busiest stores to see if The Wine & Cheer Cart could help them sell more bottles of wine and liquor. During the study, they were able to determine that their customers who used a shopping cart bought more than twice than their customers who did not use a cart. They were also able to determine that, when presented with The Wine & Cheer Cart, their customers more than doubled their percent Cart usage! CONCLUSION: At Big Red Liquors, The Wine & Cheer Cart helped sell more bottles! Download the findings here:

Shopping Carts Made for Liquor Stores Featured in Wyckoff Living Article

In July of 2020, Wyckoff Living Magazine featured The Wine & Cheer Cart in an article that describes the process that led Charlotte and Tom Santolli to the invention of their unique shopping cart that cleverly prevents breakage and promotes higher liquor sales.

Best Liquor Store Shopping Cart Featured in Bergen Record

In February of 2020, The Bergen Record featured The Wine & Cheer Cart in thier Better Living Section. The article describes the simplicity of the invention and the genius of the rings that prevent breakage.

Shopping Cart Perfect for Wine-Lovers

Food Writer for, Rebecca King’s article that was published in the January 22nd, 2019 edition of The Bergen Record, Northern NJ’s premiere newspaper. Read the full article on or click the button below.

Case Study: Exit Survey of Customer Purchase Behavior

We surveyed two hundred customers exiting the store at one of New Jersey’s largest retail liquor store chains to see what they were purchasing. We were very surprised that only 54 people, roughly 25% used a cart and more than half the customers, 109 came out with three bottles or less. Conclusion, without a cart the buy is limited to 3 bottles!